Pastured poultry: Pastured poultry can be a great source of protein, but pastured is not the same thing as free range or organic. Pastured poultry means that your chicken or turkey was raised outdoors in a pasture. Often, free-range chickens are never shown the light of day. And, they’re fed corn and soy. So, there’s only one type of poultry that’s okay here – pastured.
After starting the program with my friend, I realized that I shouldn't counteract the work I was doing burning calories by continuing my poor eating habits. I didn't want to lose a ton of weight; I just wanted to hit 230 pounds, or my pre-pregnancy weight. So I downloaded the Lose It! app and started logging my calories and activities. Keeping track of my calories and my runs started to pay off. I loved being able to compete against myself to run faster, and Lose It! helped me stay on track with my energy intake. It was actually surprisingly easy compared to the crazy diets I had tried before.